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The most important choice when it comes to conservatory hardware?

The roof tie should be top of the list when considering your choice of hardware, it’s job is crucial considering it helps stop the roof from spreading apart. With its slim and elegant lines and without the need for a vertical rod, the Tiewire has the looks whilst having the strength and quality to carry out its important role.

Conservatory Components – CE Marking, why this is important

We are proud to announce that we (Instructures Limited) have attained the necessary CE Mark for the Tiewire product as per the Construction Products Regulation 2011 (CPR) which came into effect in the UK on July 1st 2013.

It has become mandatory to apply this CE marking to any construction products that are covered by a harmonised European standard (hEN) or European Technical Assessment (ETA). Tie bars and Tiewires are covered by BS EN 1090-1 Requirements for conformity assessment of structural components.

Quotation taken from the scope of this Standard “This European Standard specifies requirements for conformity assessment of performance characteristics for structural steel and aluminium components as well as for kits placed on the market as construction products. The conformity assessment covers the manufacturing, and where appropriate the structural design characteristics.”

CE marking states that the product has been assessed by a notified assessment body (B.B.A.) to satisfy the relevant essential legislative requirements such as manufacturing control, structural performance etc. The B.B.A. is involved with the inspections and continuous surveillance of our Factory Production Control.


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Why is this important?

It will be compulsory by law that a product covered by a British/European standard must display the CE Mark. Trading Standards and the Health &Safety executive will be responsible in the UK for its enforcement from July 1st 2013. Failure to comply with these requirements can mean the product being removed from the market with possible fines and imprisonment for the supplier.

Further information on CE Marking can be found on Government and Trading Standards websites. Copies of our EC Certificate and our Declaration of Conformity are available upon request.

WARNING: Please ensure the product you buy is the original Tiewire and note that we have no association with other companies products pertaining to be the same or similar as their suitability and market legality cannot be guaranteed. Contact us for further information.

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