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Great product and great service, my customer watched me fit the Tiewire in less than 3 minutes…… the Tiewire has bought me repeat business.

Karl from AK Windows


My husband and I didn’t want a tie bar in our conservatory because they’re so obtrusive and spoil the view, we were told we needed one for structural reasons but they could offer a new style… we love the new roof tie, it looks great close up but blends into the background when you stand back… it’s a real talking point when I show people our new conservatory.

Mrs. B of Mansfield


Tiewire were called in to help replace the normal old fashioned tie bars that had been supplied with my new conservatory at home. I was so impressed that I got them to do the same with the Tie bars on my glazed courtyard at the hotel.

Andreas Kalvanas

Owner at Moxhull Hall Hotel