What is the Tiewire?

Certain sizes and styles of conservatory roof require a tie bar, when they do there used to be no choice of tie bar design. The Tiewire choice is a thin 6mm adjustable stainless steel cable running unbroken across the roof. The Tiewire is not a tie bar replacement or removal kit, it is an alternative to the traditional bar.

How Does It Work?

The technology behind the Tiewire is not new, for years it has been used as a structural support in Architectural Building Design and as rigging on yachts and ships.

Why Do I Need One?

Conservatory roofs have to cater for ‘Dead Load’ (i.e. the self weight of the roof and glazing material). Different roof styles and configurations behave differently under load and are designed to limit the amount of deflection in the roof members. When the deflections exceed an acceptable level, it is necessary to redesign the roof or more often use stronger roof members, or to brace the structure with an additional member, namely a Tie Bar.

MK1 Tiewire

The wire spans between two visible rafter brackets and is tensioned at one end using a turnbuckle mechanism. This allows the slim cable to run unbroken across the roof without the need for any vertical support that would interfere with ceiling fans and lights.

MK2 Tiewire

The wire spans between two rafter brackets that are hidden within the structure of the roof. Only the wire is visible as it emerges from the deep insulated plasterboard or from an internal bulkhead.

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